Monday, April 13, 2009

Rocky Top

Well, you'll have to just settle for words for now, because I don't have the cord to upload some pictures. We are in Tennessee - Gatlinburg right now. Brian's brother, Justin, gets married Saturday, so we are spending the week down here on a mini-vacation before the wedding! Brian is in the wedding, and sweet Georgia is the flower girl! We took a nice hike today. Georgia has amazing balance - she really only has two speeds: fast, and faster. She ran down the rock-strewn trails with two nervous parents and one happy-go-lucky little brother lagging behind.

We closed on our house on Thursday, and thanks to the help of some wonderful friends, we moved in that night. So, our house is still in boxes and we will be doing some major unpacking when we get home. But what a feeling to be settled! Thank you Lord! God has truly blessed us and we are looking forward to having some of you all over to see the new place!