Friday, January 22, 2010

Would you still love me...

If I looked like this??? (Yes, this is how we pass some of the time while daddy is at work)

Ok, Photo Booth on the MacBook is proving to be totally the entertainer! EmJ is sleeping, so you don't get funny pics of her - maybe next time.

Rock-A-Bye Baby

As I type, this sweet girl is sleeping. Yes, it is 2 minutes to 7, and she went to bed at 10 last night - yea!!! We went through a week and a half where she was sleeping about 10:30-5:30, but this is the first time of this magnitude! Thank you Jesus (and Emory)!Sometimes we take pictures in Photo Booth (on the mac) and send them to Brian at work. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Finger Painting!

Finger painting - what fun! The kids were loving this. Georgia loves to make handprints, while Jackson has patented a new style of art by driving his truck through the paint to make a design.

Georgia showing off her work.

Ah mom, get it off my fingers! (The OCD strikes again!)

Jackson creating his masterpiece...Yes - he both tasted the finger paint, and stuck it up his nose.

Capturing the moment...

Emory Talks!

Emory was all smiles the other morning! I snapped a few of these great faces, and got some talking too!

Winter Wonderland

We have had some beautiful snow around here as of late. The kids went sledding in the front yard - a great plus that we live on a little hill. We are starting to see little of the OCD in Jackson; he hates having snow on his mittens and constantly comes up to you asking you to brush it off. Hmmm....wonder who he gets that from?

Emory, on the other hand, was snuggled up warm and cozy in the handmade sweater my mom got her for Christmas - so sweet!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas - I know, a little late!

Well, Christmas came with a bang at the Coffey household. It started out with Brian's brother Justin, and his wife Allison coming up from Tennessee on their way to New York to see Allison's family.
Allison, Emory, Georgia, Justin, and Jackson

We celebrated with our Lifegroup from church - how can you not have a good time when you have 14 adults and 14 kids all in the same place?!?
Too many people to name! We are so blessed by our church, Vista.

Brian's mom arrived on the 23rd - her first time meeting Emory. Georgia had been asking for Grandma every day the week leading up to this. We went to Mombo's (my dad's mom) for Christmas Eve. Santa made his annual appearance, with mixed reviews from our kids. Georgia would sit on his lap, but just long enough to get her candy - that's momma's girl!
Ahh, the spoils!

Jackson would hardly sit on his lap long enough for me to snap this photo. I have a feeling that this experience will require counseling later on in life.

EmJ sat on his lap in the arms of my mom. There was no lack of attention for her with both grandmas and 2 great-grandmas around.

Jackson eating his candy - he has a sweet tooth like mama.

The family photo - It looks like we are at the White House or something!

Georgia opening her gift at Mombo's. Upon seeing its contents (baby dolls), she exclaimed...

"But I wanted a dress!" Yes, loud enough for all of the relatives to hear...I guess that is part of being 3. Thankfully, to both the relief of mommy and Georgia, she received a beautiful princess dress like the one she was seeing all of her cousins open.

Jackson woke up first on Christmas morning. He still has no clue about gifts, etc., so he just had some good "only child time" with mommy and daddy.

I love this face that Jack makes - like, "Oh mom, you already told me I was cute today!"

Emory got to spend some quality time with Grandma.

Jackson (thanks to my cousin, Julie) got a tool set for Christmas. Georgia was the big sister showing him how to do things.

The girls wore matching jammies - I had polka dot pj pants too - so sweet!

It was a wonderful Christmas. Georgia is starting to understand that we celebrate because it is Jesus' birthday. When I told her that we should make him a birthday cake, she said, "Yeah, but he can't eat it, because he is a baby so he can only have milk. You forgot, mommy!" Smart girl.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Latest...

Here are the latest goings on around here...

Well, the famous mullet pictures have finally arrived! Sorry it took so long to put them up, but Georgia had taken - and hidden - my camera. She then forgot where she put it. When I found it under the tree skirt when we took down our Christmas tree, I asked Georgia where she put my camera, to which she responded, "I don't know". When I told her that I found it under the tree, a look of epiphany came on her face. She said, I put it in the back of the tree. Ha. Anyway, here are the pictures of what happens when your 3 year old gets a hold of the scissors.

Yup, both sides got hacked.
We took her to Amber (our friend who does hair) after a call to her of desperation. I think that my exact words were "Amber, I am having a hair emergency! HELP!" I'm not going to lie, I may have shed a tear - I have worked hard to grow this hair out for 3 1/2 years!!! We brought Georgia in the following day and Amber did as much damage control as possible. I hated taking her in because, as you can see, Georgia LOVES to get her hair cut! It almost felt like I was rewarding her for chopping her hair.
Well, the final product!!! Amber did a phenomenal job and what she couldn't cover we just stick a big bow there.

Brian and Georgia went to Tennessee to take care of some things for our family as well as visit Uncle Justin and Aunt Allison. They also saw Aunt Chay. They had a wonderful time. Alli taught Georgia to sing that Gap commercial song: "I love my comfy sweater! How cute are these boots!" While our daughter can be cute doing just about anything, let me just state for the record that I despise that commercial!!! While it is very catchy, I do NOT want my child to be one of these girls in a few years. If you haven't seen it, click here to watch. Here is Georgia's rendition.

While they were gone, Jackson, Emory and I had a relaxing time. It is amazing how removing one child from the family equation makes things seem so much more calm. Jackson was so sweet to EmJ, sharing his cars with her - he usually is willing to share them with no one! He really wanted her to hold them in her hands (as you can see at the end of the video).