Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A neat day...

Well friends, my camera cord is missing, so while one is on order, words will have to suffice. Two things happened last week that I wanted to share - one funny, and one just neat. We'll go neat, then funny.

Neat: I was playing my guitar on the front porch sitting with Georgia (who was more interested in watcing the trashman than my playing). I had just grabbed the music to "Prince of Peace" because Georgia likes to sing the echo songs. Well, as the trashman made his way up the street, he stopped in front of our house. He walked up to the front porch and asked if he could listen. Not sure why God picked me for this task, because my guitar skills are very limited. (If you find yourself thinking, "I didn't even know Molly played the guitar," you are not too far off track). So, the trashman sat on the steps of the front porch and I sang to him about Jesus - Lord of Lord, and King of Kings. A divine appointment - neat.

Funny: I was playing with the kiddos in the backyard. I turned on the sprinkler and put their suits on and let the burn some energy. When we finished, Georgia wanted to put her clothes back on (the girl changes clothes at least 4 times a day - no exaggeration. 1 outfit is always the black dress that she wore when she was a flowergirl, and the other is usually a red, Spanish, "flamingo dancer" dress that some friends brought her from a trip to Spain.) Before I know it, the girl is squatting in the middle of the yard, telling me she has to go pee. At this point, I feel a mix of pride and laughter - pride at the fact that I have taught my little girl that it is ok to pee in the woods and I am laughing at the fact that she thinks our backyard is the woods. I explain to her that when our house is less than 10 feet away, it is better to just go inside and pee on the toilet. She responds with her new favorite bathroom phrase, "Mommy, I need some privacy" and dashes around the side of the house. At this time, Jackson is wandering into the neighbors yard, so I have to go after him before I chase my naked 3 year-old around. I grab Jack and begin my search for Georgia. I am hoping that she is being discreet because 2 male neighbors are outside working on their house. I can't find her on the side of the house, so proceed toward the front. I am looking, looking, calling for her, and then I spot her. She is squatting down in the front yard behind a small Japanese maple and in front of a bush. I do have to say that if I were going to pick a place to pee, this would be it. And, besides a little mulch on her bottom, she performed quite nicely. :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Visit to Tennessee

We had a wonderful trip to Tennessee a couple weeks ago. We stayed with Brian's brother, Justin, and his wife, Allison. They were great! We took the kids swimming in the pool, which is great entertainment. Although there was a brief moment when I thought Jackson was going to drown. I was sitting in a chair on the edge of the pool (no, not the big pool - those of you who are dialing children's services can hang up the phone now) and the kids were playing in the water. It was 1 ft. deep, and Georgia was swimming around like an alligator and Jackson was just standing there watching. Well, not sure what exactly inspired him to just try to take off, but he tried to run after Georgia and his upper body was moving a little faster than his legs in the water. As you can imagine, this sent him face first into the water. AHH! Mother alert goes off, instincts take over, and before you can blink an eye I am in the pool (skirt and all) pulling him up. Thankfully, God installed children with this reflex where they gasp for air when they are about to fall in the water (startle reflex maybe?) and Jackson was just fine. He wasn't even coughing or anything. And, not that anyone cares about this, I didn't even really get wet! I attribute this mostly to the lifesaving classes I took in 10th grade and a little to the fact that the water was only 12 inches deep. Ah, the joys of parenting.

Mommy and GeorgiaDaddy and Jackson

Here is a pic of Allison and Georgia together - Georgia was LOVING that they were both wearing orange! Allison is a TV anchor, so when Georgia saw her on TV wearing orange, she was thrilled that they matched!