Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last Snow...Hopefully

Well, somehow, the Lord decided that we needed 3 more inches of snow before April came. Unfortunately, Brian did not benefit with a 2 hour delay or anything - the snow had all melted off of the roads by morning. But I decided that we needed to take advantage of it, so we broke out the snowsuits, boots, hats, and mittens and made our way outside. I toted EmJ around while the big kids played and played!

Emory was loving being outside.

And they're off!


Georgia made a snow angel!

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Ultimate Showdown

Brother vs., we aren't talking the Civil War, well, not technically. Yes, today is the day that Tennessee faces Ohio State in what we call March Madness. Having been planted in Columbus, Ohio, my hubby feels it is a necessity to dress all of our children in orange to protect their Southern Heritage (or something like that). So, here are some pics of the cuties - EmJ is sleeping now, may add more photos later. Fear not, my shirt is Tennessee also, but the writing isn't showing!

Here's a few others from last summer for posterity's sake.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Daily Happenings

Well, here is the latest of what is going on around here - oldest to youngest.

Georgia is VERY ready for spring. We had a couple 60 degree days and she was not about to go back to winter when we had another cold snap earlier this week! Notice the flip-flops and dress, covered by the jacket, mittens, and hat. She rode her bike in circles in the garage. I thought the sunglasses were a nice touch!

Here are the two big kids playing a game when family was over. They would both get in the cabinet, close the doors, and we would say, "Georgia, Jackson, where are you?" and they would bust out, thinking they were hilarious. We thought it was pretty funny too.

Jackson continues to be able to say more and more words. On this occasion, though, he thought my foot was the funniest thing God ever made. So sweet!

EmJ is teething, so she is more like a puppy than a baby. Anything she gets remotely close to with her mouth, she gnaws on. She was playing on her little floor mat, pulling on these animals, and she pulled the monkey off. She immediately attacked it, I am sure, feeling great satisfaction at her accomplishment. I also love this one of Emory with my mom, Nana.