Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yes and No

Emory June is really coming into her own.  (I have missed quite a bit of time here, but I will try to go back and blog about that later).  She is so sweet, but is starting to have an opinion of her own, even if she doesn't know what it means.  Check it out.


mary ann said...

Oh my gosh, she is so super sweet, Molly. Love the video because it shows her little personality. Can't wait to see her when I come to visit this summer.

Nourah is over the moon since she got engaged. I hope that all goes well with Sumai because he seems like such a great guy.

Tameem is flying around for his job here and there and seems to be very happy here as long as he can get out on his breaks.

Keep in touch...and keep blogging.

kristin said...

so sweet! and makes me laugh. :)