Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving – I know, I am one holiday behind.  I am secretly proud of myself for getting this up before New Year’s, so I am not two holidays back…haha.
Anyway, Brian’s family came up for Thanksgiving this year: His mom, brother Justin, Uncle DJ, cousin Aubry, and Gram.  It was so wonderful to have the house full of family.  My family came over as well on Thanksgiving Day, and we enjoyed a meal with 15 or so people.  I love sharing the kids with them.  We just think that they are wonderful (good thing, huh?) and it is fun to see our family get to see and experience what we get to live with every day.  Mary, Brian’s mom, took the kids to StrideRite for her traditional shoe shopping spree for them, and Georgia came home with 3 – yes, 3 new pairs of shoes!  Jackson was beyond thrilled with some light up dinosaur shoes, and EmJ has so many shoes passed down to me from my friend Amber that I don’t know if she will ever be able to wear them all, so we passed on shoes for her.  Georgia got to spend a few nights with Grandma at her hotel – she thought that she was hot stuff.  DJ taught me how to make a new and simple recipe for fudge (want the recipe?) – Rachel Ray brought this to Oprah – so easy and only 4 ingredients!  Aubry is a senior in high school and is pleasant and thoughtful.  Gram is continually work, work, working away.  The woman never has an idle moment.  She knitted Georgia a little purse, which she loves.  She is probably the most unassuming, thoughtful, selfless person that I know, and I hope to be like her someday.  Justin was attacked by the kids from the moment he arrived, and I love that the kids love him!
We truly have so much to be thankful for.  God is good and we are blessed.
 Aubry and Justin
 This girl is so cute, I just can't take it!!!
 Gram and Mary
 EmJ getting some good Uncle Justin time.
 Gram and DJ
 Is this boy handsome or what!?!
 Justin and Georgia just hanging out - haha (ok, lame pun).
 My brother, John, and Jackson
 Brian and Justin - outside putting up Christmas wreaths.
 Mary and her boys - they both have turned out to be wonderful men and husbands...I know she is proud!

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kristin said...

oh man! how does emJ have so much hair (j.k. - i know it's normal, but my lil' guy is still practically hairless!). she is a beautiful babe.

hot stuff indeed to go to the hotel?! i know owen would looove that! (actually, ever since we've moved here he asks us to sleep with him nightly. we've never done that, but it's so sweet)

and coop has the same shirt as jackson! love that (well, at least i think so- rocket/dinosaur jams).

i can't believe that i missed this post. looks like a full thanksgiving, so blessed!