Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spotlight on Emory June (and Happy Birthday too!)

So, Emory June is our youngest, and is full of spunk.  Seriously, most who encounter describe her as "smiley" and pleasant.  Probably because between her brother and sister torturing, er - playing with her, she is just happy to be alive.  When the other two at times can tire us from having to constantly discipline and redirect (they of course have their shining moments as well), EmJ is our little ray of light.  She is getting around everywhere now, and close to walking.  We just celebrated her 1st birthday, and I cannot believe a year has flown by already.  I am so excited to see her grow up into her own little personality - we just see little glimmers of it now - and how she interacts and bonds with her brother and sister.  Love you, Em!

Video of EmJ groovin'!
Mommy and EmJ on her b-day!

 Happy Birthday, Emory June!

 Up the stairs (so fun!) - Grandma took this great picture.

 I love this one of her - she always has her little tongue sticking out.

 Em obviously enjoyed this meal....
 If I could just get a little more!
EmJ as a little ladybug for Trick-or-Treat
And, last but not least, one of EmJ's first words.  Besides "dada" (and that wasn't really even directed at Brian) and "alldone" - which is hit or miss, this is her first word.  You will have to watch the video to witness it.


Jess said...

Happiest of Birthdays sweet EmoryJune bug. I wanted to stop by to say that in person several times this weekend but all the holiday family distracted me. Love her sweet face :)

kristin said...

lovely girl! i can't believe that our littlests are one. crazy how fast the year has gone, eh? what blessings, i think that the 3rd kiddo grows up to be two times as strong :)