Sunday, November 14, 2010

Georgia plays soccer!

Georgia played soccer for the first season this fall.  It was so fun (and hard) to watch her play.  I am not sure if you can even call it "playing" at this age - we were glad if she was just able to kick the ball!  Having grown up playing soccer, it was difficult to watch the kids just run around in a big group.  Mostly, Georgia just ran where everyone else did, whether the ball was there or not.  We had many a pep talk ... "watch the ball, not the people".  Overall, a really fun experience.  I definitely will always remember when Georgia was in the first game, she just had a grin on her face the entire time.  She ran by me, grinning, and waved.  It just warms my heart even thinking about it now.  :)  At the bottom if a brief clip of how 4 year olds look when they play soccer (if you can handle watching it!)

Georgia and her friend, Siena, passing the ball.
Jackson LOVED playing soccer - he always was saying "that's MY soccer team"!

Georgia all lined up ready to score!

GOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLL!  You can't see the ball, but it went in.  Look how subtly proud Georgia is.  Love it!

Jackson was probably one of the best players even though he wasn't on the team!  He did have a few minutes of playing time when I was the substitute coach.  He did great!

Liam and Jack cheering on the team.

The ball is somewhere in there - it pretty much just moves around in a big glob of people like this.

Team Portrait.  Top Row: Coach Sarah, Sammy, Liam, Megan, Coach Ellie.  Bottom Row: Sam, Georgia, Jack, Siena, and Izzy

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kristin said...

i just saw the last game of my nephew/nieces team. it was pretty similar. :) i love it! gets their head into moving their body. they didn't have anything for 3-4 yr olds this fall. i'm hoping for this spring for my oldest!!! :)